Meet Our Team
Under the direction of the board, our qualified staff  work together  to manage the highest quality of care for local low-income elderly and disabled adults

Peggy DeVivo, Co-Executive Director

If I couldn’t be making a real difference in my community I wouldn’t be doing what I do


Shannah Butcher, Co-Executive Director

I believe that our community is only as great as how we treat our most vulnerable residents, so taking good care of our disabled and elderly should be a priority for all of us       

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Lanette Bembry, Intake/Care Management

I find enjoyment from hearing people’s stories and building relationships


Stacy Fitzpatrick, Office Manager

We are not only making a difference in individuals lives but we are also impacting our community

Carolyn Duran, Grant Manager and Guardian

True meaning in life is to find your gift and give it away

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Liz Iskra, Guardian

Guardianship means having the privilege to serve my community and advocate and protect our most vulnerable adults


Nanette Shaw, Guardian

 It is a pleasure and spiritually rewarding taking care of our most vulnerable people


Dana Schilling, Guardian

Services to others is it's own reward


Shryl Thomas, Guardian

I've gotten so much satisfaction over the years in how much of a difference we make in other people's lives

A Special Thank You to Our Guardians and Lawyers Who Donate Their Time and Services:


  • Janet Shearer

  • Nancy Cory

  • Karen Chappell

  • Barbara Stone

  • Nicki Decker

  • Constance Kubicek

  • Sara Fuentes

  • Lutricia Smith


  • Keith Miller

  • Stephen Martin

  • Roberta Creighton

  • Jay McClendon